Dooblo Insights Permissions Guide



This guide will explain how to set users permissions and assignments for Dooblo Insights. Within few simple steps, you'll be able to access your organization's account.

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  1. Upgrade your STG studio version
  2. Set permissions for users
  3. Access Dooblo Insights

1. Upgrade your Studio, Android and IOS applications

Browse to "My SurveyToGo Account -> Version Management"

Click on "Upgrade"

    1. Studio version: 1.32.638
    2. Android version: 1.32.582
    3. IOS version: 1.32.582Stuio_version.png

Set "Is Mandatory" = true


After finishing the upgrade: versions_-_after_upgrading.png


Reopen Studio 

After upgrading and reopening the studio, a new section will be added called: My SurveyToGo Account -> STG Insights management.



2. Set Permissions

Insights user are studio user with increase permissions, there are 2 layers of permissions relevant for Insights.

  1. Insights features
  2. Survey data

Dooblo Insights is based on packages and can be filtered to a smaller subset. E.g. “basic” package includes Quota Tracking, Locations and Tabulation features. You can set permissions for user A to have access to all feature and set permissions for User B to access only Quota tracking and maps (or any other combination)  


Set the desired package for each user


Refine Permissions:


Choose the desired feature subset allowed to each user


3. log in to Dooblo Insights 


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