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This article will describe how to use the version management in your organization.

With this new feature you will be able to:

  1. Control which SurveyToGo application to upgrade and when for the entire organization or for specific users.
  2. Assign certain users with a Security Role that will allow them to manage the released versions and apply them to the organization. 

Please note: 

Online Videos

Direct Youtube link (for full screen): 

Direct Youtube link (for full screen): 


  1. In the main node under 'My SurveyToGo Account double click on 'Version Management'
  2. The Version Management screen is split to 2 sections: 
    • Top Section: Organization Version view
    • Bottom Section: Specific users/Surveyors versions

Applying a new version

  1. Organization Level upgrade
  • To apply a new version for the entire organization click on 'Upgrade' (for each Application) 
  • In the following screen you will see the available versions - choose one from the list of versions available and click on 'Set Version'.


  • Please note: If you would like to see older versions that are available click on 'Show older Versions'


  • When the warning message shows - Click 'OK'
  • The list with all the available older version will now show in the screen
  • To Enforce an Upgrade you can enable the option 'Is Mandatory' which will not allow the users to continue unless they upgrade to the relevant version
  • Please Note the following:
    • Downgrading a version - Please note that STG will not downgrade automatically Studio/PC Survey/Android app and you will need to uninstall the existing version and re-install from the Public installation links (so it will automatically update the version to the specific one you set). Very Important: Uninstalling the Android/PC Survey apps deletes the data from the device so before uninstalling make sure that you upload all the required data. This is done for very specific cases and you should consult with STG Support before proceeding.
    • When upgrading the Organization those users who have specific versions set will not be impacted, to have those users set with the organization version please remove them from the Specific users list.
  •  Specific Users Upgrade
    • Choose the user that you would like to set a specific Version to (if they are not shown in the list you can click on 'Add' to add them)
    • Once you click on 'Add' the following screen will show - choose the user/surveyor to add and assign a version for him then click 'OK' button to apply.
    • Navigate to the relevant application you would like to upgrade (Studio/Android/PC Surveyor) and click on the box which will show an arrow
    • Click on the arrow and choose the version you would like to set
    • Click on 'Save Changes' on the bottom right corner

*** Please note that the same way you can apply specific Android/PC Surveyor versions for specific users. 

Cases when you will use the specific users upgrade:

  1. When a new version is released and you would like to test it on several devices (To not impact the entire fieldwork).
  2. When you are asked by STG Support to check a certain issue resolution.

Please Note: We have added under Security Assignments a Section called 'Version Management' and it will be set as 'Full' permissions automatically for users that have Organization Administrator Role.

That's It !

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