How To Analyze Device Logs


In this article we will show you how to use and review the surveyor support section. 

To be able to see this node you will need have the proper permissions, ask your organization administrator to give you access using the Security Node to a section called 'Surveyor Support' 

Click on the link below to learn how to send the logs from your device:


In the main Node please navigate and open the 'Surveyor Support' -> 'Device Logs' option

Double clicking on the 'Device Logs' a window will open on the right side with the logs sent from the surveyors devices, in the 'DeviceType' you will see if it was sent from Android or PC Device and under 'Type' you will see the following:

1. Application Log 

2. Activity 

Please note: As in many other screens in SurveyToGo you can drag and drop the different fields to filter the results shown

1. Application Log

This log is the execution log that holds the following information:

  1. Device Information: Manufacturer, Model, Kernel etc. (Red)
  2. STG Android version on the device (Blue)
  3. Surveyor name, organization and SID (if a user was logged in while sending the logs) (Blue)
  4. Other SurveyToGo Options Information: Proxy, AutoSave, Date & Time, Locale, Batch Size, AutoSync Options etc. (Purple)
  5. GPS & Network information
  6. Exceptions related to syncing (results/Surveys/Attachments), Connectivity, loading surveys etc - are highlighted in Yellow.

Please Note: The log will always show the most current date at the end so if you know the date and time of the issue please scroll all the way down and then scroll up to find the relevant date.

Common Errors: If you are unsure of the error or need further assistance understanding the logs please send an email to our support

Error Description Possible Solution


  • Can't find Method
  • Can't covert false to Int
  • Cannot call method "StopRecording" of null
  • Wrapped java.lang.RuntimeException: Bad iteration supplied
There is a problem with the script described in the error it is incorrect or there is an issue executing it Review the function in the survey:
  • Make sure that all arguments are entered
  • Check that you are using a correct syntax 
 Error while syncing surveys. Exception Issues with syncing surveys to the device
  • Review attachments sizes
  • Connection issues


Error creating Subject Result HTML     
DownloadFromUrl - Exception: Read error: ssl=0xf45c6880: I/O error during system call, Connection timed out

Issue downloading APK file  Connection timeout, try to download again
Exception: Exception :System.Exception: Could not load survey.
System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void SurveyToGo.Logic.Survey.set_SurveyFlags4(Int64)'.
Error when trying to load a survey with a function or feature that is not supported in the STG version used on the device Click here to send an email to support
Results Add Failed[Not enough credits in your account. Contact administrator.] Error when there are not enough credits for the organization Need to purchase additional credits for the organization.
ULCallFunction::HandleQuestionEnter_7 Exception: java.lang.StackOverflowError Error when reaching question 7  Issue with the script of either the start script of Q7 or end script of Q6

2. The Activity Log

Double click on the activity log will open the logs details

Reading the log and understanding it:

The logs have 2 different Tabs:

1. Main Details - Will provide an overview of the surveyors/interviews/Attachments collected on the device.

The Main Details screen is split to 2 sections:

1.1. Summary - Summarizes the total interviews per Survey/Surveyor that were conducted on the device, including a breakdown of how many were Uploaded/Canceled/Deleted/StillOnDevice.

1.2. Log - Will list more information on each Interview - such as: If the subject was Test or Deleted, DeviceIndex, Attachment Information etc. 

2. Raw Data - Will provide step by step activities actions on the device for each interview, for example: We can see that DeviceIndex - D1508066-11 started at 31/01/2017 08:41:41AM and then cancelled manually on 31/01/2017 09:01:43 and you can see on the right in the comment column in which question it was canceled. 

Please Note: As in other SurveyToGo Grids both in the 'Main Details' and the 'Raw Data' you can drag and drop the fields to filter the results showing.

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