SurveyToGo Organization Properties


Some properties can be set on the organization level which will apply to entire organization, in this guide we will describe the different options. 


  1. Right click on the Organization Name -> choose Organization Properties
  2. The Organization Properties main tabs 
    • Main Properties - The main organization details 
      • Contact Information - Username, First/Last Name, Email, phone etc. 
      • Flags - An older setting that will show the projects in Folder view, currently displayed by default for all 
      • Result Attachment limits - Settings related to the max size that your surveyors can upload per file and in total (depends on your storage).
      • Organize Surveyors - will set the way the surveyors will be displayed in a project 
      • Client Flags - Settings related to client/devices settings - Not recommended to change without consulting Dooblo Support
        • Start in Tasks - When enabled after login the surveyor will see the tasks screen
        • Hide Tasks - when enabled the tasks list will be hidden
        • Use HTTPS - using secured https connection to the server
        • Skip server check - when enabled will skip a server check for authentication. 
        • White label - contact support for more information.
      • External Dashboard refresh - showing the refresh time for the external dashboard
      • Password Policy - Click here to learn more 
    • Other Contact Info - Additional Contact information from your organization that you can enter as authorized contracts
    • Advanced - Enable/Disable settings that will affect your users/surveyors across the organization in a centralized place.
      • Block Surveyors and Supervisors from using the studio - when enabled these specific users will not be able to login to the studio only the devices (Android/PC/iOS).
      • Block Surveyors from using the FWM app - when enabled the surveyors will not be able to login with their credentials to the FWM app.
      • Quotas Ignore Cancelled Interviews - When enabled will release the captured quotas when you change the subject status to cancelled.
      • Enforce Subject State - When enabled it will makes sure that new interviews which were not yet scanned by the duplicate process will not be visible to the exporting and operations console
      • Ignore QA Responsible - When enabled the QA Responsible set for users will be ignored. 
      • Hide Nodes for which user doesn't have access to - When enabled Customer/Projects user doesn't have permission will be hidden.
      • Email is Mandatory for new users - enable to make sure that new users created will have an email address.
      • Do not auto close unused surveys - when enabled unused surveys will be auto closed.
      • Fix Corrupted Audio results attachments - when enabled if there are any corrupted audios uploaded you will see an option to fix them in the operations console.
      • Allow returning Filtered Interviews to surveyors - By default filtered interviews can't be returned to a surveyor, enabling this option will allow to do so.
      • Enable Transitive QA Responsible - When enabling this if SurveyorA Is QA Responsible of SurveyorB, and SurveyorB is QA Responsible of SurveyorC, then when this option is enabled SurveyorA will be QA Responsible of SurveyorC.
      • Do not export personally identifiable information variables - When enabled the
      • Default Quota Exceed Action - Sets the default exceed action for Quotas 
      • Enable Device Profiles - Enable to control the device profiles centrally, click here to learn more 
      • Allow Upload Results from other Surveyors - When enabled if more than one surveyor collected interviews on a device they will ALL be uploaded to the server regardless of the surveyor currently connected. 
      • Allow cached users - When enabled will allow more than one surveyor to login to a device while offline, Click Here to learn more 
      • Enable Sync to Supervisor - Currently not implemented.
      • Enable Fieldwork Management - Currently not implemented. 
      • Block surveyors from editing client options - Will prevent the surveyors from entering the Options menu on the device without the password that is set. 
      • Lock users on too many failed login attempts - Will allow you to set the number of login retries to the app and if still failed lock the user.
      • Enable Client Login Restrictions - Setup the client restriction mode for the organization, click here to read more.
      • Lock login per current Organization - in some countries they provide devices to the surveyors and they do not want them to be used to collect data for other customers so when this is enabled they will not be able to change the organization in the login screen and just enter the user/pass (helps to kind of lock the device to an org specific).
      • Allow blocking sync by version - when enabled will prevent the version sync of client versions that we set as 'Bad', for example if we find a version to have a major bug that might cause major issues we will set it as bad and then the ideal is that your users will not get it if this option is enabled. (not being used much). 
      • Allow blocking client on rooted devices (Android Clients) - When enabled users trying to login on rooted devices will be blocked. 
      • Obfuscate Silent Recordings (PC Client) - Enable the option to create 'fake' additional recordings to prevent the user from deleting the recording
      • Enable Ignore 'Fake Apps' list - In some cases installed apps might cause false/positive issues, eg. Fake GPS will be enabled as used due to an app on the device, once this option is enabled you can add the app details to be ignored to avoid the issue.
      • Show silent attachments in interview count - when this is enabled the surveyor can see in the 'Attachments count' also the silent capture (audio/image) so he can actually know that he was recorded, while when this is not enabled it means that he will not see the silent capture but only those attachments he collects during the interview with multimedia question (not silent)
      • Block login when SID is incorrect - in the past there we found cases where the SID was mismatched and allowed to be -1 instead of a valid SID so this was added to prevent it. 
    • Change Subject Status Names - Change the default status for subjects to accommodate your organization process as well as add additional statuses.
      Please note: you can also set statuses for specific languages
    • MDD Import - Default settings that can be set when importing an MDD survey, click here to learn more 
    • GDPR - Include settings that you can enable and set for all surveys in the Organization, click here to learn more
    • CAWI - Setup an email connector to be used across the organization, click here to learn more 
    • Default Survey Properties - Unify the survey properties setting used in your organization by enabling/disabling some of the properties. 

That's It !

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