How to use the Quota Sheet Filter with several Panel/Fieldwork companies


In some cases when collecting the data either by using different Panel Companies (CAWI) or using different Fieldwork Companies (CAPI) you will need to monitor the progress of the Quotas for each company individually. 

In this guide we will describe how to setup the survey and quotas to easily be monitored by different panel/fieldwork companies without compromising the data discretion of each company



  1. Create a Studio user/group for each Panel/Fieldwork company, click here to learn how 


  1. Navigate to the Survey Quota Sheet tab
  2. Add the Panel/Fieldwork Company question as the 'Rows'
  3. Add the variable need to the 'Columns'
  4. Set the Sheet to run only one of the companies (simply uncheck the other options in on the lower right side after marking the question chosen in the rows)
  5. Change the Quota Sheet name to start with the Panel name (in my Example I have Panel1 & Panel2)
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the other Panel/Fieldwork Companies
  7. Save the survey
  8. Right click on the Group you created for Panel1 and choose 'Quota Sheet Filter'
  9. Type the name 'Panel1' (or your panel/fieldwork panel name) and click 'Accept'
  10. Repeat steps 8-9 for the other panel/fieldwork companies.
  11. Now when you will navigate to the Quota node under the project - choose the survey you will be able to see only the quota sheet tab that is relevant 

Please note: the steps and example above are related to Panel companies but the same will apply to Fieldwork companies

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