How To Allow Specific Surveyors on a Device


For scenarios where you would like to have a better control on who is allowed login to the organization from certain devices we are now supporting the ability to define a Black List/White (Studio 401 & Android/PC Surveyor 356). 

This article describes how to allow or block surveyors/user/devices from login-in or syncing. 

Please note: once this feature is enabled devices using older versions will not be able to connect.

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  1. Navigate to the 'Organization Properties' and check the option 'Enable Client Login Restrictions'. Once checked 2 options are available, if not checking any of the options this means that the list defined will be a White List:
    • Block Unknown Clients - will restrict all users that are not included in the list
    • Use as Black List - once this option is checked the system will use the list as Black List and prevent the specific devices that were defined from login-in to the system
  2. Expand the Node 'My SurveyToGo Account' and double click on the option 'Client Login Restrictions'  
  3. In the following screen you will enter the list of devices/users that you would like to either White list or Black list (according to your choice in Step 1).
    • User - Enter a specific user or leave empty to allow/prevent access for a device
    • Hardware ID - In this field you will add either the device MAC Address or IMEI.
    • Comment - Any free text comment to describe the details. 
  4.  Click on 'Accept'

Please note: To delete a device/user mark the line and click on 'Delete Selected' 


The following message will be prompt for the following scenarios:

1. An un-authorized surveyor/user/device will try to login.

2. An un-authorized surveyor/user/device will try to sync results that were collected while he/she were offline and he was removed/added to white/black list. 

PC Surveyor


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