How To Allow Multiple Offline Cached Surveyors on a Device


In this article we will elaborate the Cached users feature which is used when there is a need for several surveyors to work offline on the same device while they are offline.

Online Video

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This feature will require you to setup your surveyors within groups, please click here to learn how to create groups and click here to learn how to add users to the group.

  1. Configure the organization to Allow cached users 
  2. Open Group Management and right click on the Group you would like to setup and choose 'Group Properties'
  3. In the following screen check the 'Cached User Group'  
  4. Once you have setup the Studio side login to the device, while online, with one of the surveyors you have setup in the group. 
  5. Next time you login offline the surveyors will be able to login in cached mode without the need to be online. When the user will first login offline he will be prompt with the below message which he will need to confirm 

Please Note: When surveyors will login in cached mode they will see only the surveys that were synced while the surveyor was online, if they have more surveys assigned to them they might not be able to see them until they will sync. 

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