How to View & Export Recovered Results


Please find below steps how to view & export your recovered results.

Exporting the Data

For surveys that have been either created and/or updated since March 3 and before the outage, we placed under each survey’s older versions, a new version numbered -1.

Click Here to learn how to view the older versions.

That is the survey version as it was just before the outage started (so the one you could use to export that data in the exact data structure as you planned to just before the outage).

In cases where you are not able to see -1 version in your survey it could be that we were not able to recover it and a copy of the survey structure only (no logic) can be located under Customer 'Demo Customer/Dooblo' Project called 'Dooblo Export Recover' 


Click Here to learn how to use this version to export the survey results. 
Use this version to export those interviews that were loaded by our process if needed. Please note that this survey is without logic and is there for export purposes.


Viewing the Data in the Studio

Once you open the Operations Console you will see the interviews under their surveys.
Their data will be presented in the data structure of the last survey version you have now (not the one numbered -1 but the one you have as last now).
This means you may not see all the variables and answers when viewing it (If the survey was significantly changed after the restoration of the service). Most of the meta data will not be there for now as well as the attachments if collected.

You do have the Interview log so in case you want to understand what was the course of the actual interview then this is available. The Interview Logs is accessible as explained here: How To View the System Log of an Interview

You can identify these results as they contain “Recovered” under the Name field in the Advanced tab of the interview when viewed in the Operations Console and under the SbjNam built in variable of the survey data when exported. 

Can't See your Results ?

CAPI Interviews

Sending us the logs from the devices will help us connect the data to the survey.

Just ask your surveyors to choose the “Send to Support” option on the devices. Please use these guides to instruct your field team on how to do that:

If you need further assistance open a ticket with our support 



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