How To Generate Automatic Archiving


SurveyToGo has a unique Command Line Archiving tool that allows you to generate automatic archive commands with a few simple clicks, instead of entering the studio and selecting manually each time – it also enables you to schedule a task for windows to archive it automatically in your time of choice.


Step 1: Create A New TXT file in the folder which contains the archiving tool.

The tool should be located in the following path on the PC where the studio is installed:

Win7/8/10: C:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Dooblo\SurveyToGo Studio\App\<YOUR VERSION>\Utils\CmdLine

WinXP: C:\Documents and Settings\<USERNAME>\Local Settings\Application Data\Dooblo\SurveyToGo Studio\App\<YOUR VERSION>\Utils\CmdLine

Once you created the TXT file, rename it e.g: “MyArchiver”, or another preferred name.

Step 2: Configure your file to contain the archiving commands.

Open the TXT file you created and copy the following:
stgcmdline /action=ArchiveAttachments /url="" /user=<USER> /pass=<PASS> /org=<ORGNAME> /surveyid=<SURVEY_ID> /startdate=<START_DATE>
/enddate=<END_DATE> /keepFilename=true /outputdir=c:\

Supported parameters for Archiving Attachments Action

Parameter Name








The ID of the survey to export. ID can be found in the Designer on the Survey Properties screen.


As long as SurveyPath is specified, otherwise it is MUST



 Multi ids:


76c0c7e6-e184-4f8b-8ec6- b96085a8a4b6


Export results which were uploaded starting the specified date


Format of date is: “yyyy-mm-dd



Export results which were uploaded until the specified date

Format of date is: “yyyy-mm-dd”



Where to put the exported file after exporting




alternative to outputDir - the full file path to export to (outputDir sets only the directory)


if and only if outputDir is not given



Whether to use the original attachment file name when archiving


Default is True




Whether to mark the Downloaded attachments as  archived in the


Default is True


Replace the following with your details:

<USER> with your Designer user name
<PASS> with your Designer user name
<ORGNAME> with your Designer user name
<SURVEY_ID> with the id of your survey

Step 3: Save the file and rename it to 'MyArchiver.bat'

Step 4: Create a scheduled task to run the 'MyArchiver.bat'.

  1. Open the Control Panel: Start -> Control Panel ->Administrative Tools
  2. Double-click the Scheduled Tasks icon:                         
  1. Click on 'Action' - Create Basic Task:                           
  1. Give the Task a name and click 'Next'
  2. Choose the Trigger 'Daily/Weekly/Monthly..' and click 'Next'
  3. Choose the specific time and day you would like the scheduler to run and click 'Next'
  4. Choose the Action - Start a Program - and click 'Next'
  5. Click on 'Browse' and navigate to the location of the 'MyArchiver.bat' file and click 'Next'
  6. Review the details of the Task and click 'Finish'
  7. The task should now appear in the 'Task Scheduler Library' 

That's It !

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