How To Export Results in a specific Survey Version


In cases where an unsafe change was done to the survey structure (click here to learn more how to make safe changes in production survey, for example: Answers/Topics were changed while in production mode and the answers/topic IDs were changed) the data collected in previous versions will not be shown in the operations console or when exporting the data using the survey latest version structure. 

This guide describes how you can export the results collected in a previous version (before the unsafe change) in the survey version it was collected with. 


  1. Identify the Survey version that the change was done in - You will need all the subjects prior to this version.
  2. Open the survey Older versions screen - Right click on the survey name and choose 'Older Versions'
  3. In the following screen choose the Survey Version you would like to export and click on the 'Export Results' 
  4. The STG export window will be shown - click next as you would normally export and in the Filtering Options - 'Survey Versions' Enter the survey versions of the subjects that you would like to apply the export to (this will export the subjects that were collected in those versions)
  5. Complete the export steps. 

That's It !

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