How To Export Results to ASCII (Fixed Length) Format


In this guide we will describe how to export the results to a 'Fixed File Format' (ASCII). 

A fixed file format is similar to exporting to csv but also allows you to create a map for your data and decide what it will look like and choose the variables that will be included/excluded. 


  1. In the Export wizard choose the 'ASCII (Fixed Length)' Provider
  2. In the Provider Specific Configuration page you will find the following options
    • Manage Maps - Click on this option to see the available maps that you have created and choose the one you would like to load and be the default map
    • Edit Column Names - click this option if you would like to change the column names from their default
    • Exclude all open Ended Variables - Click this option if you do not want to include the Open Ended Variables in your survey. mceclip0.png
    • Exclude All Other Specify Variables - Click this option if you do not want to include the Other specify Variables in your survey. 
    • Re-Adjust Map Indexes - Choose this option to reset the indexes
    • Undo Current Changes - Click this option if you would like to reset the changes you have done currently.
    • Save Map to File -  Click on this option to save the map you have just created to a file 
    • Load Map From File - Click on the icon to load a saved map
    • Include Excel Format of Map in Addition to ASCII map - enable if you would like to create an excel map as well
    • Do not reserve space for each variable - When this option is enabled the map will not save space for the variables and then later when you add 
    • Remove CRLF characters - This is referring to 'Carriage Return Line Feed' and when enabled it will replace the line with a space
    • The bottom line of the screen holds the survey variables that you would like to include/exclude from the map
      • Variables NOT in file - can be one of 3 options:
        • A new variables that were added after the map was already created.
        • Excluded - a variable that was included in the map but now moved back and 'excluded' from the map
        • Deleted - a variable that was included in the original map but now deleted from the survey. 
      • Variables contained in ASCII file - all variables that will be included in the map that will be created. 
        • Set All Variables As - Will set/un-set the column called 'Fixed Position' (when set the position will not change even when you move the questions position), Once choosing 'Set All Variables As Fixed' it will set all the Questions with this option as enabled.
        • You can move the questions around to a different row by clicking on the option 'Move Row To' option 

      • Please Note
        : you can use the Left/Right green arrows to move include/Exclude the variables and the Up/Down arrows to move the position of the variables in the map.
  3. Once you configure your map and the variables to include/exclude you choose 'Next' 
  4. Choose your Export Destination and 'Finish'

That's It!

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