How To Export Results to ASCII (Fixed Length) Format


In this guide we will describe how to export the results to a 'Fixed File Format' (ASCII). 

A fixed file format is similar to exporting to csv but also allows you to create a map for your data and decide what it will look like and choose the variables that will be included/excluded. 


  1. In the Export wizard choose the 'ASCII (Fixed Length)' Provider
  2. In the Provider Specific Configuration page you will find the following options
    • Edit Column Names - click this option if you would like to change the column names from their default
    • Exclude all open Ended Variables - Click this option if you do not want to include the Open Ended Variables in your survey. 
    • Include Excel Format of Map in Addition to ASCII map - enable if you would like to create an excel map as well
    • Do not reserve space for each variable - When this option is enabled the map will not save space for the variables and then later when you add 
    • Remove CRLF characters - This is referring to 'Carriage Return Line Feed' and when enabled it will replace the line with a space
    • The bottom line of the screen holds the survey variables that you would like to include/exclude from the map
      • Variables NOT in file - can be one of 3 options:
        • A new variables that were added after the map was already created.
        • Excluded - a variable that was included in the map but now moved back and 'excluded' from the map
        • Deleted - a variable that was included in the original map but now deleted from the survey. 
      • Variables contained in ASCII file - all variables that will be included in the map that will be created. 
        Please Note: you can use the Left/Right green arrows to move include/Exclude the variables and the Up/Down arrows to move the position of the variables in the map.
  3. Once you configure your map and the variables to include/exclude you choose 'Next' 
  4. Choose your Export Destination and 'Finish'

That's It!

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