How To View the System Log of an Interview


Each finished interview has its own system log.
This system log basically show’s all the event’s that happened during the interview, making it easy to understand particular behavior’s that look suspicious for a scripting bug.
This How-To will demonstrate how to view this log.

  1. Go to the operations console of the survey, double click the specific result, and click View Log:


2. You will than be able to view & search the interview field log.

Log tab: 
Here you can view the exact route that happened in the interview in order to find internal system information you need, if there’s any suspicious           behavior in an interview.
This is one of our main tools in order to de-bug and find problems in interviews, now you can use it too.


Device Info tab: 

The log tab the Device Info tab details information about the device itself used in the interview, for example information about the GPS settings can be found in this tab: 


Vars tab:

The vars tab hold information about the values that were set for all the global variables defined in the survey:



Durations tab:

The durations tab will show a detailed timeline of the interview, each HideSurvey line indicates that the surveyor has put the STG application in the foreground, the last line of the duration table is the Net duration value, in our example 47 second which is the total time that the interview was displayed to the surveyor




That’s it!

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