How to Create a Basic Survey


In this we'll describe the steps to creating a basic survey to start


Open the studio - Navigate to the Customer and Project you created 

Creating the Survey

  1. Right Click on the Project Name - Choose Add New Survey
    • You can also click on the Menu bar and choose New - Survey
  2. In the following screen Provide a name to the new survey and click 'Next'
  3. Click 'Finish'
  4. Once you are done an empty survey will be opened. 

Adding Questions

Now that you have an empty survey we will add different questions 

There are 2 options to add questions to the survey:

From the menu bar - click on the icon  which will open a drop down list with all question types

On the bottom of the page click on 'Add Question' - the question that will be added is the same type of the previous question

Please Note: you can always the question type after it was added by navigating to the 'View' tab and clicking on the 'Question Type' option

We'll now add Questions to our survey 

  • An empty Question - has the following text - 'Hi, Welcome to my first Survey'
  • Open Ended Question - that will record the interviewer Name 
    • navigate to the Answers tab to change the input box to SingleLine
  • Numeric Question - to record the age
  • Multiple Selection Question - Will ask about the brands that you are aware of, navigate to the Answers Tab to enter the brand names
    • You can either Enter each name in the Text Box and press enter
    • Or click on the MultiAdd button on the right corner
      • Turn the Answers into a scale so you can use them in the following question - Right click on the question and choose 'Make Question Answers into scale'
  • Single Choice Question - Single choice that will have the same scale as previous question where we will ask to choose the favorite brand

    the answers will be added once you choose the scale
    • Navigate to the 'Scripts' Tab and in the 'Start Script' we will filter those answers that were chosen in previous questions (the brands we are aware of)
  • Empty Question - That will thank the surveyor for their time

Saving Your survey and testing in the Emulator

Click on the save button on the toolbar to save the survey (alternatively you can click on 'Ctrl+S')

Testing your survey and logic - Click on 'Run in Emulator' button (Green Play button)

The emulator screen is split to three sections: 
Section 1 - Questions and answers of the survey

Section 2 - List of all the questions 

Section 3 - Log that shows the progress of the interview and if there is any problems with the script

Run the survey using several scenarios to make sure logic is working as expected. 

Survey is Done and Moving to Testing on Device 

Once you complete the interview and tested the logic and the questions display Change the survey mode to 'Test' and assign surveyors to test the same on the device.

On the survey top bar click on 'Test' when prompt to save click on 'Yes'


Congratulations you have just created your first survey with SurveyToGo !



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