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Our first manual is designed for first time users of SurveyToGo and covers on a high level much of the basic functionality of the product from installation to survey creation, syncing, data collection, exporting and managing data, creating users and managing your account. We recommend that you follow these topics and associated links to get a full overview of SurveyToGo. The Support Portal includes many more guides and how to documents that explain in details the various specific solution areas. 

Chapter 1: Installation

The first step you would probably perform after registering your account would be to install the different SurveyToGo components.

  • Studio - The Studio is the management application. It is used to manage your account, set users and permissions, build your projects and surveys, review the collected data and perform your quality control work  and eventually export the data for analysis.
  • Android - Data collection application for Android based devices that will be used by the field surveyors while conducting interviews.
  • PC Surveyor - Data collection application for Windows based devices that will be used by the field surveyors while conducting interviews.
  • iOS - Data collection application for iOS based devices that will be used by the field surveyors while conducting interviews. 

Chapter 2: Projects & Users

Once you have installed the application you can start creating your Projects. Click here to learn how. 

The following step would be to add to the organization more users and assign them with the proper relevant permissions. You would also want to add to the organization surveyors that will be conducting interviews part of the organization's work. click here to learn how. 

Chapter 3: Creating a Basic Survey

The heart of every project is the survey that is a digitized representation of the project questionnaire and is built using the survey designer that is part of the Studio. Click Here to learn how to create your first very simple survey and test it.

Chapter 4: Assigning Surveyors

Once your survey is ready and you have tested it on the survey Emulator (part of the survey designer) the next step is to assign the designated surveyors to the survey so they can access the survey on the devices and conduct interviews. In this guide you will learn how to perform it.

Chapter 5: Collecting Data using CAPI - Android Tablet / PC Surveyor / iOS devices

Once the surveyors are assigned to the survey you can run the survey on several devices to ensure that the survey is running as expected. Below you will find a guides to provide your surveyors on how to use the application to conduct interviews with the survey

Chapter 6: Collecting Data using CAWI

Chapter 7: Reviewing & Managing the Collected Data 

Once interviews are conducted and uploaded from the devices to the server you will be able to review their data and conduct various actions of which the most important will probably be the quality control work.  Click here to learn how.

Please Note: The Quality Control process requires some more advanced knowledge of the solution and it is not covered in this overview guide but you can click here to learn more about quality control.

Chapter 8: Managing & Exporting Survey Data

After you have reviewed the collected data in the operations console, performed the quality control process your company has defined and verified that the data is as you expect it to be, you could progress to export the data to your preferred provider to make sure that your Data Processing team can analyze it. Follow this guide to learn how to export a survey collected data. 


That's It ! 

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