SurveyToGo Android Administrators Guide


One of our supported platforms are android based devices.

With this guide you will be able to learn more about STG Android and how to work with it.

Installation Instructions

Please contact your organization main contact for the installation link. 


Login information

On the login information enter your credentials and click ‘Login’

  • Please Note: you can still send logs to support even if you are not logged in by clicking the three dots  in the upper right corner ‘About’ and then ‘Send logs to Support’

Main Screen

In the main screen you will find the following:

  1. List of Surveys currently assigned to you
  2. GPS Location indication – Indication whether the GPS is captured.
    • Circle Full – GPS available
    • Circle Empty – No GPS available
  3. Additional Options Menu – once you click a window will be opened on the bottom of the screen

    • Tasks – Tasks assigned to surveyor for a certain project, please refer to ‘Tasks Assigned to Surveyor’ chapter.
    • Logout – logging out of the system
    • Sync Surveys – Click this option when you would like to sync for new surveys or Field manager informs you of an updated version of a survey.
    • Sync Results – Click this option when you would like to manually sync the results on your device.
    • More – Click on the More and then About option to:
      • Get the STG Android version
      • Send the logs to support
    • Options – Please refer to ‘STG Configuration Options’ chapter


STG Configuration Options

As an administrator you can control whether the user will be able to change these settings or not, please review this guide to learn how -


  • Server Address – The server address you sync to [should not be modified]
  • URL – The URL in the server you sync to [should not be modified]
  • Automatic syncing – Enables\Disables auto syncing of results\surveys
  • Survey Syncing – Enables\Disables auto syncing of surveys
  • Result Syncing – Enables\Disables auto syncing of results
  • Version Syncing – Enables\Disables auto syncing of app versions
  • Sync interval – The sync interval used when automatic syncing is turned on
  • Results in batch – defines the number of results sent in a single batch to the server 
    [should not be modified unless instructed by customer support]
  • Override HTTPS – Server – if you have HTTPS configured for your account, here you can set it particularly for this device, although it would be ‘on’ by default if you have HTTPS configured.
  • Use HTTPS – Enable\Disables use of HTTPS for this device

Regarding syncing results, there are 2 ways in which you enable results syncing to the servers: 

  1. You set the device to auto-sync results. This is done via Settings->Options and setting the Result Syncing check box. This will ensure that every time results are created (Completed) by a surveyor and connection exists the results on the device will be uploaded to the server.
  2. Manually selecting (after logging in to SurveyToGo on the device) Settings->Sync Results
  3. The interval and the amount of results in a batch can be changed. Please consult Dooblo support before changing the number of results in a batch

    • Sync Retrieval - The device auto-syncs a batch of results every 30 minutes (default).
    • Results in a batch – the number of surveys synced with each batch. The default is 11

Questionnaire Form

Reduce image size use Maximum image size – Defines the maximum size of a captured image in KB - used if the Reduce image size is turned on.
Do auto save – Enable\Disable result auto-saving during an interview.
Auto save Frequency – Interval in minutes for auto saving results

Location Services

Testing the GPS in the app’s options

If the GPS is available & capturing you would see the following:

If not, it would write that it is not available

The GPS Options

  • Enable\Disable GPS Capturing.
  • GPS Hardware Only - Enables usage of only the hardware GPS, preventing other sources to be considered to determine a location. Location information can be obtained not only using a GPS but also from cellular and Wi-Fi networks to determine your approximate location. To ensure your location is determined in the most accurate way make sure this option is checked.
    • Please note that GPS must have certain conditions to be able to provide information such as clear sky line etc. (GPS would not normally work indoors).
  • Will make the GPS sample constantly – important for Geo-Fencing
  • Capture interviewer’s position in the GPS data
  • Frequency - Lets you determine the sampling frequency
  • Disables usage of old GPS capturing in case of lack in functionality in the GPS.
  • Set the ‘lifetime’ of old GPS data, in case that your result haven’t collected GPS data due to a problem with the GPS it would turn to an old GPS reading, this would decide how long would old GPS readings last.

Checking GPS functionality within the survey
You can check the following function, wherever you want in your survey:
GetGPSLocation().Latitude != “”

If it returns ‘true’ it means there is a Latitude, which means GPS is working.
If this returns ‘false’ it means that the Latitude returned is empty, which means GPS is not working

Barcode Scanner

  • Use front light – Enables the light for scanning.
  • Reversed camera image – enables front camera if device supports it.

Advanced Connection Settings

  • Use Proxy – configures a proxy server if used
    Proxy Server URL
    Proxy Port
  • Set EditText text direction when RTL – Do not change - please contact support
  • Set widget text direction when RTL - Do not change - please contact support
  • Set widget button direction when RTL – Do not change - please contact support
  • SUPPORT – DO NOT CHECK – Do not change - please contact support.
  • Do not use network compression – Do not change - please contact support
  • Test Connection – Test’s the connection and prompts the message.
  • GPS status – Test’s the GPS status and shows the current readings.
  • Admin – opens the admin panel – Please refer to ‘Admin’ Chapter to learn more
    • Please Note: Can be locked with password by Organization Administrator


This chapter will mostly be used when issues occur and STG support team will instruct you to perform these actions.

This chapter can be protected with a password by the Organization Administrator (A setting in the Organization Properties Window).

  • Send to Support – Send the logs from the device, when clicking a pop window will show – click ‘OK’
  • Test External Storage – Do not change - please contact support
  • Copy DB to SDCard – Do not change - please contact support
  • Restore DB – Do not change - please contact support.
  • Lost Attachments – Do not change - please contact support
  • Fix Empty Surveyors – Sometimes there is a problem with the SurveyorID in such case the surveyor ID is filled with zeros (0000). This option will help the surveyor to fix this issue.

Survey Main Screen

In the main screens click on the survey you would like to complete.

The following screen will appear:

Survey Name

  • Conducted – Amount of surveys conducted for this survey
  • Completed – Amount of surveys completed for this survey
  • Filtered Out - Amount of surveys filtered for this survey
  • Not Completed - Amount of surveys not completed for this survey
  • Attachments - Amount of attachments collected for this survey

Other Activities

  • Click on ‘Run’ to start the survey
  • Additional Options - Click on the 3 dots (Additional Options) – on the bottom a ‘Preview’ Window will appear.
  • Clicking on the ‘Preview’ will show a summary of the survey questionnaire

Working Tabs


List of all interviews conducted on the device. Here you will see Saved interviews, Incomplete Interviews.

  • Date – The date the interview started
  • Device Index – The device index that the interview was conducted on.
  • Subject – Platform that this interview was conducted on
  • Additional info – Comments for the surveyor sent from QA Managers, Field Managers.
  • Please note - Usually when the auto sync is turned on the interviews will be shown for a brief minute and then disappear.

Quotas Management

When quotas are assigned to a survey each surveyor can track and control those quotas.

In the survey Main screen a new tab called ‘Quotas’ will be shown.

Once an interview has been completed this table will be updated with the quotas that were captured and you will be able to monitor if you have reached your quotas or not.

6 Weeks History

Summary of interviews for this survey and device with a breakdown of:

  • Date – Date the interview was conducted
  • Completed – Total interviews completed on device
  • Uploaded – Total interviews uploaded on device
  • Canceled - Total interviews canceled on device

Tasks Assigned to Surveyor

As explained above the tasks are interviews that are assigned to a surveyor based on a specific location that the field manager would like them to perform.

For more information about working with the task system use our – STG Android Surveyor Guide

New Version Upgrade

When the auto sync option is enabled at login the STG application will search for new versions on your server.

Once a new version is found it will prompt you to upgrade Yes/No.

  • Please note - If you choose ‘No’ it will prompt you on the next login again


Please find common issues and steps that should be taken:

Issue: Surveyor Can’t Sync Survey/Results


  1. Make sure you have enough Credit Balance in your account
  2. Make sure there is a valid internet connection
  3. Test Connection – )Under: Options)
  4. Manual sync results – Sometimes the auto sync is turned off.
  5. Send Logs to support

 Issue: Surveyor Can’t Sync Attachments


  1. Make sure you have enough Storage Space in your account
  2. Make sure there is a valid internet connection
  3. Test Connection – )Under: Options)
  4. Send Logs to support

Issue: Can’t capture GPS location


  1. Validate ‘Use GPS’ option is enabled (Under: GPS Options)
  2. Click on ‘GPS Status’ and make sure it’s valid

    (Under: Options – Location Services)

  1. Validate device location services is turned on In the Android Settings – Location - ON
  1. Send Logs to support

Issue: Surveyor says he/she conducted more interviews then shown in operation Console


  1. Ask the surveyor to check the Survey Summary – If ‘Total Completed’ is Different than ‘Total Uploaded’ perform Manual Sync
  2. Sync Results Manually

  3. Send Logs to support

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