How To Edit an Answer of Multiple Interviews


There are some scenarios where there is a need to change/edit an answer of a question for several uploaded interviews in the data at once. 

This can be done for all types of questions but the update can be done only for 1 question at a time. 

In this how to we will show how you can set an answer to several subjects. 

Step 1: Change the status of desired interviews to a writable status

1. Open the operation console.

2. Get the desired interviews.

3. Select desired interviews.

4. Press the ‘update status’ button:


5. Choose to update the status to writable status for example: "in progress":


Step 2: Set Answer to a Question

Right click and choose 'Mass Interview Data Values Change (Advanced)'.

Please note: In some versions this option will show as 'Clear Answer (Advanced)'

Choose the questions that you would like to set answers to and click on 'Set Answer Value'

Choose/type the answers you would like to set and click 'Accept'

That's It !​

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