Troubleshooting Note - Missing results


In this troubleshooting guide you can find different reasons and initial steps to take to solve issues related to missing results on the server.


  • Test Interviews - If the survey was left in Test mode before starting the fieldwork the interviews conducted will be uploaded as test.
    • Please click here to learn how to check and restore your test interviews, were interviews found?
      • Yes - Issue sovled
      • No - Move to next step
  • Manual Sync - Sometimes the automatic sync is turned off and results are waiting to be manually uploaded. Try to upload the interviews using the sync results menu option or turn ont he automatic syncing
    • Were interviews uploaded successfully?
      • No - Click here to follow the 'Troubleshooting - Results Are Not Uploaded from Device'
      • Yes - Issue solved.
  • Interviews Not Completed - Surveyor saved and exited the interview and never returned to complete it therefor they are still on the device as not complete showing in the conducted list.  
    • Interviews are showing in the conducted tab as in complete?
      • Yes - Long press on the interview and choose 'Continue' to finish and upload.
      • No - Move to next step
  • Send Logs and Review Activity Log - Once you send the logs from the device you can review these logs in the studio, click here to learn how.
    • Open the Activity Log and review the data - can you see the interviews there ?
      • Yes - issue solved (if they are not completed - complete and upload).
      • No - Open ticket with the support

If you still suspect your surveyor has missing results please open a ticket to our support that will include the following information:

  • Survey ID - click here to learn how to get the survey ID.
  • User name that is affected
  • Date range for the conducted interviews.
  • Device Logs - click on each platform to learn how to reduce results in batch:
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  • Unfortunately, none of these cases apply to my case. The problem that some surveyors made the survey in a version (Version 6) that does not appear on my computer.
    How do I recover these surveys made in version 6 of my questionnaire?

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