Troubleshooting Note - Attachments are not uploaded from the device


In this troubleshooting guide you can find different reasons and initial steps to take to solve attachments sync issues. 


  • Storage Available - when there is not enough storage available an error will be prompt that there is not enough storage to upload the attachments. 
    • Check with your org admin that your organization has enough storage balance.
    • If storage is available but attachments are not uploaded move to next step.
  • Manual Sync -
    • Click on sync results on the App menu - do you get an error ?
      • No - Check if results were synced and uploaded
      • Yes - move to next step
  • Test Connection -
    • Navigate to Options 
    • Click on Test Connection - Is connection properly verified?
      • Yes - Open Ticket for the support with all relevant details. 
      • No - Move to Check Connection Parameters
  • Check Connection Parameters -
    • Make sure server/url are as required (consult with your org admin)
    • You have a valid internet connection

If you still can't sync attachments please open a ticket to our support that will include the following information:

  • Survey ID - click here to learn how to get the survey ID.
  • User name that is affected
  • Device Logs - click on each platform to learn how to reduce results in batch:
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