Troubleshooting Note - Export fails


In this troubleshooting guide you can find different reasons and initial steps to take to solve export issues. 


  • Timeout & Out Of Memory Exceptions - When exporting a large amount of interviews and attachments we sometime prompt with timeout exceptions.
    • Export only 1 interview - were you able to export?
      • Yes - try to export in batches and use the dates to filter.
      • No - Move to the next step
  • Export to Excel - if exporting to another provider fails (not excel)
    • were you able to export to excel ?
      • Yes - Move to next step
      • No - Open Ticket with support
  • Previous Export Settings - when we have previously exported the data we are prompt with a refresh question 
    • When prompt if to use previous settings - Click on 'No' - were you able to export successfully?
      • Yes - issue solved
      • No - Open ticket for the support

If you still can't export results please open a ticket to our support that will include the following information:

  • Survey ID - click here to learn how to get the survey ID.
  • Provider you are exporting to (Excel/Dimensions/SPSS etc.)
  • Screenshot of the error message
  • if using a settings file - please provide us the settings file
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