Troubleshooting Note - Script won’t run on the device


In this troubleshooting guide you can find different reasons and initial steps to take to understand why the script is not running as expected on the device.


Common error shown on the device - as you can see in the error below the issue is with the validation rule in the question number mentioned

  • STG Version - Make sure that the device is running the same version it was tested on
    • No - Upgrade to the correct version and run again
    • Yes - Move to next step
  • Send Logs and Review Log - Once you send the logs from the device you can review these logs in the studio, click here to learn how.
    • Open the Interview Log and review the data.
    • Search for the word 'error' in the log - Are there any errors ?
      • No - Open a ticket with our support with all the relevant details.
      • Yes - Review the error message and check the following:
        • Identify the question that has the issue - QuestionStart_45, QuestionRule_66 etc.
        • Navigate to the problematic questions and modify Large if/else chains, long AND/OR conditions (Create functions in Advanced script instead).

If you still can't sync results please open a ticket to our support that will include the following information:

  • Survey ID - click here to learn how to get the survey ID.
  • Question Index if known.
  • Device Logs - click on each platform to learn how to reduce results in batch:
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