Troubleshooting Note - GPS not captured by the SurveyToGo App


In this troubleshooting guide you can find different reasons and initial steps to take to understand why GPS is not captured on the SurveyToGo data collection App. 


  • Review the observation GPS Additional Information - 
    Under the 'Map' tab of the observation we have added a section with additional information related to the GPS Settings & Status and the relevant GPS information from the interview log to easily identify an issue or review what has changed. 

    GPS App Settings At Interview Start 

    Includes all the device settings related to the GPS and indicates whether or not it was enabled at the interview start. 

    GPS Status At Interview Start 

    This section includes the status of the GPS when the interview started, you will be able to find here details as the providers, the Lat/Long captured (if at all) etc. 

    GPS related changes from the interview log

    This section includes the different log lines that are related to GPS such as: GPS updated, GPS Set etc. (this section will include up to 5 lines).

  • Did you find a reason in the details why the location was not captured?
    • No - move to the next step 
    • Yes - but the app is still not capturing location information move to next step
  • Location Services
    • Check that location services is turned on
      • No - Turn on the location services 
      • Yes - but the app is still not capturing location information move to next step
  • GPS is enabled in Application - 
    • Navigate to the options and verify that the 'Use GPS' option is checked
      • Not enabled - Enable the option and try to capture GPS location.
      • Enabled - If the location information is still not captured move to next step
  • GPS Status -
    • Navigate to the Options and click on 'GPS Status' - is GPS status captured? 
      • Yes - Verify that the app now shows you that the location is captured
      • No - move to next step 
    • Please click on 'Send to Support' to send the GPS logs to our support. 
  • Step Outside the Building/Structure - in case when the GPS Hardware only is enabled, GPS will not be able to be captured if you are located inside a building/mall/house in this case you will need to be under clear sky to capture the GPS location.
    • were you able to capture GPS?
      • Yes - issue solved.
      • No - Open Support Ticket with the relevant information

If you still can't capture GPS please open a ticket to our support that will include the following information:

  • Survey ID - click here to learn how to get the survey ID.
  • User name that is affected
  • Device Logs - click on each platform to learn how to reduce results in batch:
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