Subject Statuses & Description


In this article we will details the different statuses that are available for a subject and their meaning, as well as how to customize the subject status names. 

Default Subject Status Names

Approved - Interview was approved either manually or automatically when uploading the subject - you will not be able to edit the interview data when in this status.

Cancelled - Interview cancelled by QA team to be able to exclude it from results when exporting, cancelled status will not be taken into account by Quota Management.

Expired - has no special meaning

In Progress (Office) - A status to that will enable you to change the interview data that was collected

In Progress (Other) - same as the office one, just an extra one in case you want to to differ from the former when applying your internal QC process.

Initially Approved - has no special meaning

Requires Approval - Initial status for interviews that are set to be uploaded from surveyor for review before approval.

Returned to Surveyor - Will return the subject back to the surveyor.

Surveyor Handling - This is similar to Returned To Surveyor, it will return the subject to the surveyor but it is initiated by the surveyor from the client. If you disable the 'Hide return to me button' in the survey properties then while conducting a subject for this survey on client if you'll enter the options menu you'll see an option 'save for me' if you'll select it the subject will return to the surveyor after it'll upload.

Unassigned Surveyor - If the result was uploaded by a surveyor that is no longer assigned to the project or was completely deleted from the organization.

Customize the Subject Status Names

In the organization properties you can customize the default subject statuses and an add additional statuses to your subjects and flow. 

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