Checklist to Follow Before Starting Your Fieldwork


Just before going out to start the fieldwork you need to make sure that you have everything ready.

This article will provide you with our recommendations. 

If you are ready to start your field work it means that the below checklist has already been completed:

  • The survey has been tested including testing on the devices with the defined App version you plan to use in field
  • The data can be properly exported to the format/provider your data processing team will require the data in
  • The Data Processing team has reviewed the test data and approved the generated data structure and consistency/validity
  • Surveyors have been briefed/trained or participated in a pilot


If the above list has been completed you are almost ready to start filed work. To ensure smooth data collection process you need to ensure the below has been covered:

  • Test interviews have been set to Cancelled status - This will also ensure they will free up the quotas they have captured if quotas are used in the survey
  • The devices have the required data collection application version for fieldwork


Please find attached a Checklist Template for your use. 

Good Luck !

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