How To Assign Surveyors To Projects And Surveys


In order for a surveyor to be able to collect data on a survey in field, the surveyor must be assigned to survey. 

There're 3 different ways to assign surveyors:

1. Assign surveyors to the project

2. Assign surveyors to a specific survey within a project.

3. Assign surveyor to a specific survey mode.

Note: If you haven't yet created surveyors you can do it as explained in this guide: 

Online Video 

Direct Youtube link (for full screen):  


1: Assign surveyors to the project

If you wish to assign your surveyors to specific projects, this is how-to will show you how.

Choose your project, right click the surveyors node and choose “Add Surveyor”.

Now you would be prompt with a box asking you to choose a surveyor:

Within this box you can do the following:

  • Add an existing surveyor to this project.
  • Create a new surveyor and add it to this project.
  • Create a new surveyor’s group and add it to this project.

At the bottom of the box you have some display settings.

After choosing the surveyors needed for this project, just click OK and you are done.


2: Assign surveyors to a specific survey within a project

By default, once a surveyor has been assigned to a project, it can collect data for all the surveys in that project. Sometimes however, you would like to restrict one of the surveys in a project so that not all the assigned surveyors of the project will have the ability to see it. To do this, you need to switch to “non default assignments” for that survey:

  1. Right click the survey and select “Settings”:

  1. From the settings screen, check the “non default assignments” option and click OK: mceclip1.png
  2. The survey will now have a new “Surveyors” folder under it which allows you to add/remove surveyors for this project:
  3. To interact with the survey assigned surveyors, you can right click the “Surveyors” folder or the surveyor under that folder and choose from the available options:


3: Assign surveyor to a specific survey mode

Another way to assign surveyors to projects and surveys, is by the survey deployed mode: Test or Production. 

Surveyors that will be assigned to the Test mode, will be able to sync the survey to their tablets only while the survey is in Test mode, while the "Production" surveyors group won't be able to sync the survey. Once the survey will be moved to Production mode, the "Test" surveyors group won't be able to sync the updated survey to their tablets, yet the "Production" surveyors group will be able to do so.

This assignment definition is global to the entire organization.


In order to achieve this assignment, perform these steps:

1. Right-click on the organization name in the studio and choose "Organization properties:


2. In the "main Properties" tab, check the "By Test/Prod" radio button and click on "OK":mceclip2.png

3. Once the process is done, you'll see that all surveyors lists (whether under the "Surveyors" node in a project or under "non-default assignment" surveys) are divided into two folders: "Test" and "Production", and you can remove/add surveyors to each folder (note the process can take a few minutes):


That’s it!

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