Survey Modes


Each survey can be in 1 mode out of 4 different modes at a given time.


Draft Mode

First, is the Draft mode – upon creation, a survey is in draft mode. In draft mode you would script your survey until it is ready for field testing. Testing your survey while in design phase can be done using the emulator that we’ll mention later. As long as the survey is in draft mode, it is not synced to the devices meaning you will not see them in the data collection apps.

Test Mode

Once your design is done and the survey is ready for testing, you can move it to Test mode. In test mode, it is synced to your devices (or to the PC Surveyor program) and can be tested on the devices themselves. You can run the survey on the devices, and see exactly how it will look like, check how it works, collect results and see how they look like. Please note that only the last 10 results are kept while the survey is in Test mode. Once you’ve collected 10 results, and you go and collect the 11th result, it will override the first result that was collected for this survey. The 12th result will override the second one, and so on.

Production Mode

Once you’ve done with your testing and you’re satisfied with the survey, you can move it to Production mode. Once the survey is in production mode, it is ready to go on field and collect real data. Both Test and Production mode surveys are synchronized to your device. The difference between the modes is that in Test mode your results will be marked with a special flag so that you know you are in test mode. 

Closed Mode

The last mode is Closed mode – once you’re done collecting all the data for the survey, and you don’t want it to be exposed and used anymore, you can move it to Closed mode and it will not sync to the devices anymore.

If you wish to block any further interviews uploaded the moment the survey is in Closed mode, please refer to this guide.

That’s it!

In order to change the survey mode you can follow one of the two following options:

Option 1: 

Enter the survey designer (double clicking the survey name in the studio tree) and selecting the desired mode: 

Option 2:

Right click the survey in the studio tree and select settings:


Then select the desires survey mode: 



That's it!

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