How to use Organization Level Translations


The purpose of this guide is to describe how to setup and translate the Survey Texts on the Organization Level, this will allow you to translate the survey text only once for each language used and then apply it easily with a click of a button for the surveys that you will need to use these languages. 


Creating the Global Organization translations

  1. Under the library Node you will find the 'Organization Languages' double click to open
  2. Add/Edit/Remove Languages - Choose the options to Add, Edit or Remove a language from the list
    • Add New Language -
      • Click on 'Add Language' to add a new Language
      • On the next window choose the language to add 
      • Click 'OK'
    • Edit/Remove - Choose the language and click on 'Edit' or 'Remove'
  3. You can update the text either manually by clicking on the 'Translated Text'
  4. Importing/Exporting the translations 
    • Import Translation - Use this option if you already have a translation file in excel.
    • Export Template - Use this option to export a template of the translation file to excel in order to send for translations and then import back
    • Export All Languages - Use this option to export a file for each Language that is showing in the list
    • Export Language - Export the current Language translation file to excel
    • Delete Translations - Choose to delete the current translations that are showing for the language

Importing the Global Organization translations to your survey

  1. Choose the Language that you would like to import the translations to 
  2. Navigate to the survey main tab and there click on the 'Translations' tab 
  3. Click on 'Import Organization Translations'
  4. Choose the Language that you would like to import and click 'Import'

That's It !

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