How To Resolve Production Interviews

Resolve is a feature that re-calculates scripts by using Expression questions – this will update
question's answers with the relevant pre-defined script in an Expressions question.
Before making any changes, and in order to prevent loss of data, we highly recommend to go
over "Making safe changes in a production survey" manual in the following link:


  1. Create a new chapter called "Updates" in the end of your survey, in this chapter add a new
    Expression question. For more information about Expression question please use the
    following manual: Expression-Question.
  2. The expression question would need to have a script inside it's 'Answers' tab that set the
    needed answers in the relevant question. For example, if you have a script in Start Script tab of
    one of the questions that wasn't doing particularly as expected during the interview, please
    add to the expression question a similar script with the right modifications so when this script
    runs it calculates the answers as was expected in the first time.
  3. Set this Expression question to be enabled on a feature called "Recalc on Review" by: Right
    click on the expression question -> 'Edit Report Props' -> Tick "Recalc on Review" check box.mceclip1.png
  4. Set all the parent chapters of the Expression question to be enabled on "Recalc on Review"
    by: Right click on the "Update" Chapter and choose "Edit Report Props" -> Tick the "Recalc on
    Review" check box.mceclip2.png
  5. Do the same as step no. 4 for all the parent chapters of the Expression question, including
    the "Root" chapter.
  6. Go to the Operations console.
    **Note** : Please make sure that the interviews that you want to Resolve are in one of the
    rewrite statuses like "In-Progress" or "Requires-Approval" - chapter 3 in the following manual:
  7. There are 2 ways to Resolve interviews:
    i. One interview at a time - Double click on an interview and press the resolve button. It
    is highly recommend checking at least one interview to make sure that the script in
    the Expression question works as expected.mceclip0.png
    ii. Few interviews - Select the needed interviews in the operations console grid and
    select "Resolve" by doing Shift+Ctrl+right click on one of them.
  8. In order to avoid mistakenly overwrite answers, in questions that will be collected in future,
    please set the chapter called "Updates" to have an Entrance rule as 'false', so it's never reenter
  9. Disable the 'Recalc on Review' on the Expressions question, in order to prevent mistakenly
    clicking resolve again and over-writing the answer once again.
    This process, will eventually update the old interviews with the relevant answer in the new
    question added, and have the new interviews continue normally with the new question added.

That’s it!

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