How To Use Quality Control Flagging


SurveyToGo allows you to flag an interview in various ways and scenario in order to improve the quality control process.

Step 1: Adding the flagging method to the survey

Step 2: Use the Operations Console to spot flagged interviews

Step 3: Exporting the Quality Control flag and comment


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Step 1: Choose and implement the desired flagging method

There are different ways of flagging an interview:

1. Configuration Based - by one of the available options in the Survey Quality Control Tab

To learn more about each of the flags and their meaning click here.

2. By script – You can use our FlagInterview function in order to flag an interview according to your own logic, you can call this function with any message you need.

    For example:


3. Manually by the reviewer - in the observation window of the interview change the interview status to a writable status like ‘In progress’ and then enable         the ‘flagged by quality control’ check-box and insert the desired comment.



Note: When multiple script flags are set during an interview only the last one would be visible in the flag comments.
We may adjust that in the future but there is a workaround that may assist in such cases.

  • When you build your script add a dummy open ended question to hold all the flag comments. You can call it (variable) FlagComments or something similar.
  • In the script you can add this whenever a script flag is set:
     if (Answer(Q1) == false)
        var myFlags = Answer(FlagComments);
        myFlags += "Flagging the interview due to Q1 being false\r\n";
        SetAnswer(FlagComments, myFlags);
        FlagInterview("Pay attention to the Flags");

This will make the message "Pay attention to the Flags" appear on the flag comments while the Open Ended FlagComments will hold all the comments that were added during the interview. 

Step 2: Use the Operations Console to spot flagged interviews

Once interviews are flagged and uploaded, you can use the Operations Console to immediately spot these interviews, you will need to edit the operation console view for this project to include these columns by clicking the ‘edit my columns’ button –


  1. Now in the Operations Console of the relevant project click the “Get” button to pull the interviews:


2. Next, on the grid you can see the “Quality Control Flag” column and “Quality Control Flag Comment” appear. For interviews that were flagged by duration you will see the following values:


So now you can immediately spot from the grid the relevant interviews that were flagged. If you click the “Quality Control” flag you can order the interviews based on the flag status and if you drag the “Quality Control Flag” column to the “Group By” area you will be able to group the interviews by the flag type. For example:


In our example you can see 1 interview in the duration group and 27 not flagged:


3. In addition, if you double click the flagged interview you will be able to see a visual alert that the interview was flagged on the top of the review screen:


Step 3: Exporting the Quality Control flag and comment

You can also choose to export the Quality Control Flag and comment along with your data in case you need to process outside of the SurveyToGo solution. To do so, during the export wizard:

1. On the Variable Options tab, select the Quality Control flag and comment field from the list of the available fields and click the “Right arrow” button to move them over to the list of exported fields:

2. Then continue with the export process as usual.
3. The new exported fields will be included in the output data file.


That’s it!

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