Duration and Time capturing for Quality Control

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In this guide we will elaborate on the available duration and time related factors that are captured in an interview to be used as part of the Quality Control process.

  • Auto Captured Total and Net Duration - Each interview captures automatically the Total & Net Duration. They can later be used to identify shorter and/or longer than expected interviews. Please click here to read more about the meaning of these fields.
  • Script based Duration capturing - Additional to the automatic time capturing of the entire interview you can also add script based duration capturing of specific chapters or any questionnaire part that you may want to review the actual duration as part of your quality control process. please click here to learn how. 
  • Quality Control Flags - When building your script you can use the Quality Control Flagging. You can do that by script logic or you can set the duration related built in configurable flags. click here to learn how. 
  • Question Time Stamps and Duration - While running the interview we capture each question time stamp and it's duration. This information can be viewed through the Operations Console when reviewing an interview.

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