How To Set a Survey to Not Auto-Approve Uploaded Interviews


By default every interview performed in the field that is sent to the SurveyToGo server is auto-approved. However, you can change this behavior to incorporate a workflow into your interviewing process where interviews are first marked as “Requires Approval” and then later set to either “Approved” or any other of the following statuses:

  • Canceled
  • Expired
  • In Progress (office)
  • In Progress (other)
  • Initially approved

You can use these statuses as you see fit for your usages, and you can export interviews based on these statuses too.

How to change the survey to not auto-approve interviews?

To change the survey to not auto-approve interviews is very easy:

  1. Open the relevant survey in the SurveyToGo Studio
  2. Click on the main survey node and switch to the “Survey Properties” tab, from there,under the Quality Control Sub-Chapter - un-check the option 'Auto Approval OF interviews (when checked off status will be "Requires Approval") 
    3. Save the survey.
    4. Re-sync the survey to your devices.

How will it look in the Operations Console?

After the change, new interviews that come in will be in the “Requires Approval” status:

To change the interview to “Approved” or any other status, simple select the interview and click the “Update Status” button:

Then, select the status you would like to change this interview to, and add a comment if you like and click the OK button:

The status of the interview will be changed to the relevant one.

How to export only interviews in certain statuses?

When exporting you have the option to export only interviews of a certain status. To do this, choose the “Options” tab during the export wizard and change the “Special Status Options” to reflect the option you need:

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