How To Edit Data that was Collected in SurveyToGo


You can always edit data after it was collected using the SurveyToGo Studio. To prevent you from changing data by mistake, interviews are always marked as “read only”. So, to be able to edit the data your first step would be to change the interview from the approved status – which is read only – to one of the “read/write” statuses. To edit the data of an interview follow these steps:

  1. Double click the operations node of the relevant project: 

  2. Locate the relevant interview from the list of interviews and, if needed, click the “Update status” in order to change it from read-only to editable:

  3. Select the “In Progress” status and click the OK to accept the change:
    Note that you might need to change the filters to include “in progress” status to make sure the interview shows up in your operations console:

  4. Next , double click on the interview to open up the interview details. This screen will now be in read-write mode. Double Click the question that you want to edit the data for:

    And you can now press the OK button to confirm the changes.


  5. Finally, if required, change back the status of the interview to “Approved” again so that it will become read-only again.

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  • How do i edit bunch of data based on certain filter condition...all together instead of 1 record at a time.

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