How To Recover Internal Data for ''Null Response" Questions


There are some scenarios that will cause a question to have a ‘null response’ value, a ‘Null Response’ is a status given to questions that are being skipped.

Examples of scenarios in which a question receives a ’null response’:

  1. Result was conducted on older version of the survey that had different scripts, causing the question to be skipped.
  2. Entrance Rules \ Jump rules \ Start/End scripts which are causing this question to be skipped.
  3. All answers were hidden due to a script, causing the question to be skipped.
  4. When using the back button -

If the question was answered originally, for example if it got a ‘null value’ from using the back button then the original answered value will be stored in the internal data of the question.

In this how to we will show how you can recover the internal values (if they exist) of questions that have a ‘null response’ value.

Step 1: Change the status of desired interviews to a writable status

1. Open the operation console.

2. Get the desired interviews.

3. Select desired interviews.

4. Press the ‘update status’ button:


5. Choose to update the status to writable status for example: "in progress":


Step 2: Recover the internal data

1. Mark those results again, right click one of  the interviews in the marked batch and choose "Clear answers (advanced)":


2. Check the relevant questions, and then click on the "set answer Not Null" button:


3. Move the results back to their previous status (repeat steps 4-5).


That’s it!

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