SurveyToGo Data Retention Policy


The SurveyToGo platform has many data components which are stored on the cloud. Each of the components has its own data retention policy which is described below. Any data that is older than the stated retention period is subject to be deleted and we provide options for exporting the relevant data before the data is being deleted. However, some of the components might remain on the system longer than the stated period for various reasons. 

Data Components Retention Periods

The following SurveyToGo data components are listed below. Unless stated otherwise, no data restore is available for a component if customer deletes the data:

Component Description Retention Period
Organization The entire organization and its data If after organization creation for 60 days there is no activity, organization is deleted. For inactive organizations, 2 year from last activity.
Customer/Project/users Structure The various customers and projects defined For as long as the organization exists. 
Surveys The actual survey scripts 2 years from last reference (saved, edited or copied from)
3 month for deleted surveys to allow restoration.
Interview Data The answers to the questions of an interview non-deleted interviews will be deleted with the survey.
3 month for deleted interviews to allow restoration.
Attachments Any captured attachment from the field that is linked to an interview Will be deleted when the survey result is deleted.
Archived and deleted attachments are kept for 3 month to allow restoration.
Additional Data Lists The additional data lists  1 year from the time the data list is no longer in use by any survey.
GPS Mapping information GPS Coordinates captures and viewed in the show-route and latest locations screens 45 days. For interview GPS location it remains active for as long as the interview is on the system.
















Archiving Data

Dooblo highly recommend that you keep copies of the Interview Data and the attachments through the Studio archiving mechanisms: 



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