How To Codify an Open Ended Question


An open ended question answer range can vary, sometimes there is a need to ‘categorize’ each open ended answer to a single choice question answer by your data management team.

In this how to will focus on one example in order to demonstrate our point.

In this example our open ended question will be "How do you feel today?”

And eventually you want to encode all the responses to 3 type of answers - Bad, Ok and Good.

These are the steps you should follow:

1. Add your open ended question


2. Add a single choice Dummy question right after the open ended question with the necessary answers in our example - Bad, OK and Good. Here's how you define a Dummy question in your script:


3. Once the interview are uploaded the Data Management person will open the interview and based on the answer of the Open ended  question will set the value of the Dummy question as explained here (as Dummy questions are visible in the Operations Console when viewing interview data):

4. Set the Dummy question to be the one exported rather than the open ended (check the Export check box of the Variables tab of the Dummy and un-check it for the open ended).



That’s it!

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