The Interview Device Related Identifiers - DeviceIndex, DeviceID and SID

SurveyToGo holds several different variables related to the device, that indicate a unique identifier per device/organization/user/interview.

Below are all details and differences between those variables: 

DeviceID: a unique number identifying an installation. It is created on the first login of a user to the App. Re installation will result in a new DeviceID. Upgrades leave it unchanged. This can basically be used to identify a device. You can see the DeviceID when performing Setting->Options and look at the number that appears on the top part of the form. See below, The DeviceID is 65245:




SID: is the unique identifier of a combination User/Device. every user on a specific device has a unique SID. This SID remains the same for that user until/if a new re installation of the SurveyToGo App on the device. Upgrades do not change it.

You can see the sid of the user currently logged on in the app at the top of the screen:


DeviceIndex: a Running index created each time an interview is started. This is regardless the survey or surveyor. Each new interview will get a new DeviceIndex associated with it

Each interview thus has a unique identifier that corresponds to a subject ID which is the combination of the SID and the DeviceIndex in that way:

D<SID>-<DeviceIndex> and can be accessed in the script as the DisplayDeviceIndex 

This is viewed in the OperationsConsole as Global Index.

That is often used as an interview/respondent id when required as explained here: Generating Unique Respondent Id

On the OperationsConsole you also see a column named Index. It is very similar to the GlobalDeviceIndex with a difference that the running Index is for interviews done on that specific survey rather than on any survey on the device (that is represented by the DeviceIndex) and can be accessed in the script using the SurveyIndex property.

So for example let’s say that John works on a specific device. On the first login of John to the App on that device he receives an SID let’s say 123456.

John works on 2 Surveys, A and B with that scenario:

  • John starts an interview on A and completes it. The Index it will get is 123456-1
  • John starts an interview on A and cancels it (so the interview is deleted, and index 2 for survey A was ‘consumed’)
  • John starts an interview on A and completes it. The Index it will get is 123456-3
  • John starts an interview on B and completes it. The Index it will get is 123456-1
  • John starts an interview on A and completes it. The Index it will get is 123456-2

And so on.

That's it

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  • No, i think that's not what i'm looking for. Let me try again:


    Step1: Surveyour finds a target to interview

    Step2: Surveyour starts audio recording (from an external device)

    Step3: Surveyour opens survey

    STEP4: """""""IN THE FIRST QUESTION OR SHEET it appears the number of survey OR a consecutive number""""""""""" and say it for the record

    Setp5: Finishes the survey

    Step6: In quality control (internal staff) they listen to the recordered audio and match it with the survey with this consecutive number

    Step7: Quality control decides if survey passed or has been cancelled.



    Hope explained my self with this example.



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  • As i'm reading your comment. That's exactly what i need. Your example of. John starts an interview on A and completes it. The index it will get is 123456-3""""""""" but i need it to appear in the survey so he can say it loud for the recorder.

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  • I am troubleshooting an issue right now, and it appears that Device Index that you see on the tablet in you conducted list actually matches SurveyIndex, not Device Index. Is that correct?

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  • I think I have a close requirement.
    I have a field, HIN (Household Identification Number), in my village census. The enumerator/surveyor is supposed to give (i.e. read out) this number to the household head or member during the survey.
    HIN should be AUTO GENERATED, UNIQUE to a household, and should simply "POP UP" in HIN answer box when the interview begins. How can I use, say, SbjNum for this HIN?

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  • Dear Support Team,

    I would like to know is it possible to see/show Device Index and SID (eg: D123456-1) on the tablet while interviewer is conducting a interview? Because we have to do a validation while they are interviewing by recode their Device index with SID.

    Please share me if it able to show it.

    Best regards,

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