How To Export native SurveyToGo projects to IBM SPSS Data Collection DDF/MDD files


SurveyToGo enables you to export the collected data of a native SurveyToGo project into a full IBM SPSS Data Collection DDF/MDD file in order to analyze the results using the IBM SPSS Data Collection software. In order to be able to perform this the requirement is to have dimensions version 6 and above installed on the PC/Laptop where SurveyToGo Studio is used*. Here are the steps to export data to DDF/MDD format:


Step 1: Export to IBM SPSS Data Collection DDF/MDD format

  1. Double click the “Collected Data” node of the project:

  2. Now select the survey and click the “Export” button:

  3. Click the Next button, and at the export format selection screen, choose “IBM SPSS Data Collection Data File”:

    * if you do not see this export format, please contact us at as this feature requires activation for your account

  4. Click the Next button, and then next again on the options screen:

  5. To continue simply press the “Next” button. Make sure the “Create MDD file” box is checked:

    For advanced users:If you wish to override the standard naming convention of the answers and topic variable names, you can check the “Use custom categories” box and replace the defaults with your preferred prefaces.

  6. Finally, specify an output file name and click on Finish. Please note that an MDD will also be created in that location with the same file name just with an MDD extension:

  7. That’s it!

Important Note:

In order to be able to export to IBM SPSS Data Collection DDF/MDD file format when you have the 64 bit version of Dimensions installed in your PC you need to preform the following steps (once):

1. Locate the execution folder of the Studio:

  • On Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\local settings\Application Data\Dooblo\SurveyToGo Studio\App\<version number>\Files
  • On Windows 7 and above: C:\Users\<user>\AppData\Local\Dooblo\SurveyToGo Studio\App\<version number>\Files

2. Run the file: WOWKeyCreator.exe which is in that folder. 




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