How To Export A Survey Script


Exporting a survey is sometimes needed for example when wanting to send an example to some from a different organization. This ‘How To’ will show you how to export a survey with your SurveyToGo studio.

The exported survey file has a .srv extension.

Export the survey

To export the survey:

  1. Right Click on the Survey and choose 'Export Results'

  2. Choose “Export Survey” and click next
  3. Choose the survey that you want to export and click next 
  4. Choose “SurveyToGo Default Provider” as your export provider and click next 
  5. Click on the “Browse…” button and enter a name for your file and the location where you want it to be saved 
  6. Click “Finish" 
  7. If everything went OK you will receive this confirmation message            


Please note: A survey export does not include the various attachments if were added to the script i.e brand images, Ads etc. If you are importing the .srv into another SurveyToGo organization you will need to upload and associate the attachments to the survey after the import.

That’s it!

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