How To Upload abandoned CAPI interviews


There are cases where your surveyors conducted interviews that were stopped but never completed (abandoned). In such cases the application would not upload those not-completed results by default (as only completed interviews are uploaded by default).

Note: To upload stopped interviews as part of your desired survey requirements (not the normal scenario) you would follow this: Please note that this option would deduct a credit for every such stopped interview so would be used only in specific cases where the project requires it.


In some cases, you may wish to upload those not-completed results for one reason or another.
For this need you can use the ‘Early Completion’ functionality.

This ‘How-To’ would show you how to upload results which were not-completed, by following the next steps:

Step 1: configure your survey to allow early completion.

Step 2: Select not-completed results stored on the device and set them as complete.


Step 1: configure your survey to allow early completion.

In your ‘Survey Properties’ tab within your survey, please leave the ‘Do Not Allow Early Completion’ box unchecked.

By default, it would be checked.

And Save your survey.

Step 2: Select not-completed results stored on the device and set them as complete.

Now, after conducting results and not completing them.
You would be able to see the not-completed results on your device:

In order to set them as ‘Complete’ and upload them, you should long press the results you wish to upload, until you get the following screen, and choose ‘Set As ‘Completed’ ‘.

That’s it!

Now the result would be uploaded.

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  • So is it possible for our interviewer to continue this interview from their tablets?

    If yes, please advise how to do that.



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  • Hi Dan,


    Sorry it took time to reply to this.

    As you can see above there is an option to Continue (See the one just below 'Set As Completed').

    Selecting this will allow the surveyor to continue with the survey from the exact point where it was saved and exitted.


    Thank you,


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  • I have followed these instructions but am still unable to upload incomplete surveys, are there any other relevant settings? How do I get more support?




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  • So, after "set as completed", is it possible for our interviewer to continue the interview?

    And, how to submit the responses in the middle of surveys, but our interviewer can continue the interview?

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