How To Export the Collected Data to Quantum Format


SurveyToGo supports exporting data into Quantum. Since Quantum file format uses card numbers and variables are placed into card numbers and offsets, we’ve create a special MAP file that maps between SurveyToGo variables and Quantum records and offsets. Here are the steps to do this

  1. Step 1: Export the survey to a MAP file (excel format)
  2. Step 2: Check and if needed modify the map file.
  3. Step 3: Export the survey data using the map file.

Step 1: Export the survey to a MAP file (excel format)

To export the survey to a map file:

  1. Right click on the survey and choose “Export Results”
  2. Choose to export the survey and not the results: 
  3. Choose the Quantum map format:

  4. Complete the wizard by filling out the last screen or keeping the defaults:


Step 2: Check and if needed modify the map file.

Once you have the map file there is no real need for you to manipulate it unless you wish to make changes to the defaults. If you do need to edit it:

  1. Open the file:

  2. You can see the CardNumber columns and startIndex/EndIndex columns which maps which SurveyToGo variable goes into what card (line) of the Quantum file and what offset from the limit of 80 characters per card.

Step 3: Export the survey data using the map file

When exporting the interviews, you will need to use the map file when exporting to Quantum:

  1. Choose to export the survey results:
  2. Then, choose the Quantum format:
  3. On the last export screen, enter the map file location:
  4. You will then export 2 files, a DAT file and an Axis file

Using Quantum to export Tracker Surveys

The big issue of fixed file formats is that they are, well, fixed! So if the coding of Q1 needs to be in row 1, column 1 of the file and takes up 1 character – it needs to stay that way throughout the entire lifecycle of the tracker data and must never change otherwise it will generate issues when aggregating multiple data files from multiple waves

To overcome this challenge, when exporting a map instead of creating a new Map you need to choose 'Re-create map from previous map' and then choose the map that you already created.


Please Note:
When creating a Quantum map with the option 'Do Not use multi punch' a WARNING is shown that you will not be able to recreate a map from that map. 

That’s it! 

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