How To Modify Completed Interview Not yet Uploaded


This how to will explain how to allow the surveyor to modify completed interview not yet uploaded and how to add a chapter locator to the survey in order to allow the surveyor to jump directly to the chapter he needs to modify.


1. Verify that the ‘Do not allow to modify (completed results)’ is not enabled for the survey


2. Tap the interview on the device in the conducted interviews list and click the "Modify" menu option.


3. This will in turn start editing the interview on the first question.

4. If you want to be able to jump directly to a certain chapter, you can add a chapter navigation option to the survey like so:

    • Set the "Show in TOC" of the root chapter of the survey (it is located in the advance tab):


    • For each chapter that you wish to show in the table of contents, go to the advanced tab and select the "Show in TOC" box (as shown in the screenshot above).

5. This will create a menu option called ‘Chapter’ in the device menu that will allow you to jump directly to a certain chapter in the interview:





Please note this option will also be available while conducting regular interviews, not only when modifying completed interviews.

In Addition interview modified after completion will be flagged with a flag in the operation console:



That’s it!

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