How To Control the Android App Settings Centrally


This How-To will explain how to configure an android app profile from the studio which will determine the android app settings for surveyors, and also how to lock the settings menu from the surveyor in order to prevent him changing those settings.

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Step one: activate the android profiles for your organization

  1. Right click the organization name in the studio and choose ‘organization properties’
  2. Click on the Advanced tab and check the ‘Enable Device profiles’ check-box

  3. When working with android profiles by default you are also choosing the ‘Block surveyors from editing client options’ setting, So you should now enter a password for entering the options menu on the android app 



Step two: configuring the profiles for each group

  1. Right click the desired surveyor group and choose 'Edit android profile'
  2. Change the settings to your needs, for example I want to have the Version syncing enabled for this group then I will navigate to the ‘General’ node and set it to true



That’s it!


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