How To Show an Interview Summary on The Device


SurveyToGo android application allows one to view a summary of an interview on the device. This can be viewed by the surveyor itself or for example by a supervisor who wishes to review on the surveyor’s device what has been done on a specific interview before the interview was uploaded to the server.

Step 1: Displaying the interview’s summary.

Step 2: Analyzing the interview’s summary.


Step 1: Displaying the interview’s summary:

To display the interview’s summary, press on the relevant interview and on the prompted screen press on ‘View’. This, in its turn, will show the summary of the interview until the point it has stopped.


Step 2: Looking at the interview summary:

The interview’s summary is now displayed on the screen with the following details:


Survey Name – The name of the survey the interview was conducted on

Device Index – The unique interview device identifier that is then associated with a unique subject id when uploaded. You can read more about the device index here: The Interview Device Related Identifiers DeviceIndex DeviceID and SID

Start – The date when the interview was started.

End – The date when the interview was stopped.

Questions – The questions indexes and texts.

Answer – The answers collected for the relevant question.


That’s it!

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