How To Exclude Canceled Interviews from the Quota



When working with quotas, all quota fields that are captured within interviews in deployed mode (Test or Production) that are uploaded to the server, and these quotas are updated and shown in the project’s Quotas node, to enable the quotas tracking.

In some cases one might want the Quotas tracking view not to include all collected data (for instance, exclude the test results that were collected during the survey’s testing phase).

This article will show you how to exclude results from the Quotas tracking view.

Note: To learn more about Quotas management click here.


1. Step 1: Update the Organization Properties settings

2. Step 2: Move the results to “Cancelled” status


Step 1: Update the Organization Properties settings

Right-click on the organization name node and choose “Organization Properties”:


In the opened window, go to the Advanced tab, enable the “Quotas – Ignore canceled interviews” checkbox, and click “OK”:


 Step 2: Move the results to “Cancelled” status

 Display the results needed to be excluded from the Quotas view in the operation console (click here to learn more about data managements in the operation console), and change their status to “Cancelled”:


 That’s it!

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  • Hello,

    I would like to update SurveyToGo version in my laptop. The last version that I have is

    How can i do it?


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  • Ya hice lo que me recomienda, y aún no puedo resolover mi problema. Podrías ver el proyecto y recomendarme algo que funcione.


    Dunia Villalobos

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  • Gracias, ya mi problema está solucionado. Las entrevistas anuladas no cuentan en las cuota.



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  • Hi Dunia,

    We are happy to hear this is working as expected.
    Thank you for the note and for updating us.


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