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SurveyToGo is enabled by default to use the GPS tracking feature of your devices without any pre-configuration needed.
Now you can track your surveyor’s location, know their route of movement and follow the specific location where surveys were conducted.
This feature gives field-managers and any other back-office teams a whole new aspect of benefits in organizing, managing and supervising your field team.

GPS and Location Capturing in SurveyToGo

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Where can you find it in SurveyToGo?

On your SurveyToGo Studio software, on the left side, where the main tree of your organization is, you can notice that there is an expandable node called ‘GPS Tracking’.


Show Latest Locations Node

This node will allow you to see all latest surveyors’ locations tracked by the GPS feature in their devices.
If you double click this node, you would get a window with the following menu:


  1. This button will provide you with the map, showing the latest surveyor locations tracked.
  2. You can save the map provided in step 1 as a Google Earth file.
  3. You can define your search according to a specific user, specific group or all users at once.
  4. Here you can define the time scale according to the time you want to track locations.
    From five days ago until two hours ago.
  5. Show surveyor name - enable the option to display the surveyor name

After you click the ‘Get latest locations’ button, you would be provided with a map showing the latest locations tracked.

  • In the upper part you have a navigation bar, you can move by using the mouse as well.
  • If you float with the cursor above one of the location pins, you can see the specific user, time and date that this location was tracked.
  • In the bottom right corner, you can see the view scale of the map.
  • The map indicates street names and important locations name as well.

Show Route Node

This node will allow you to view specific routes that the surveyors did, according to the order of the locations tracked.
If you double click this node, you would get the following menu.


  1. Here you can choose the user to track its route, if you click the ‘Get User’s route’, it will provide you with a map indicating the users route.
  2. Here you can define the time scale for viewing the route.

After you click the ‘Get User’s route’ button, you would be provided with a map showing the route of the user chosen.

  • The red triangle sign indicates where the route has begun.
  • The red square sign indicates where the route has finished.
  • The small ‘S’ sign indicates a location where a survey has been conducted.
  • The green lines indicate the route of the user, following the locations tracks according to their order.
  • If you float with the cursor above any of these items, you would get the user, time and date that the item had been tracked.

Viewing the GPS Tracking through the Operations Grid

If you enter to the operations grid, you can choose a specific result and double click it:

If you go under the ‘Map’ tab, you would be able to view the specific place where this result was conducted.

  • You can view this in Google Maps
  • You can copy the specific coordinates to your clipboards.
  • You can save this as a Google Earth file
  • If you float over the location pin with your cursor you would see the user, time, date, result number and survey name.


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