How to use Geo-Fencing with SurveyToGo


Geo-Fencing is an incredible feature allowing you to check whether your surveyor is conducting surveys within a given radius according to given latitude and longitude coordinates.

SurveyToGo allows you now to input a specific point & radius, to assure your results are conducted in the correct place.

Setting The Device & Application

First of all assure that your GPS is enabled within your devices settings.

Then, Assure that the GPS is enabled in SurveyToGo mobile App, and that the ‘Constant GPS Sampling’ is enabled.

*Please note that using ‘Constant GPS Sampling’ is needed for this feature, although it consumes battery life faster as it has to sample GPS coordinates much more frequently.

You can validate your GPS is enabled by checking with the ‘GPS Status’ button.

How To Get Coordinates of your target location?

Locate your target location on Google maps, right click it and choose ‘What’s Here?’:

This will now provide you with the latitude and longitude of the location:

First number is the Latitude, second number is the Longitude.
This numbers would be entered in our functions later on.

How To Do It?

Basically there are two different functions:
1st function:
dblIsInGPSFence (fenceLat, fenceLon, distInKM)

Gets latitude and longitude coordinates and a radius in Kilo-Meters.
Returns ‘true’ if the surveyor is in the given radius.
Returns ‘false’ if the surveyor is not in the given radius.

2nd function:
dblDistanceFromGPSFence (fenceLat, fenceLon)

Gets latitude and longitude coordinates, and returns the distance of the surveyor from the specific point.

Examples of usage
If we want to verify our surveyor is conducting results within the location we entered in the given radius.
Lets say the following coordinates:
40.769752,-73.974235 (Central Park – New York)
With radius of 10.

Now, we would like to cancel a result that is trying to be conducted outside of the given radius.
Basically we can configure within our survey in its beginning an empty question that would have a jump rule like this for example:

And this is the script for the jump rule: 

This will cancel the result, if the surveyor is not within the target location radius.
There can be many other usages for these functions, you can use it however you want.

That’s it!

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