How to Assign Different Surveyors to Surveys from the Same Project?

Project Surveys

By default, once a surveyor has been assigned to a project, it can collect data for all the surveys in that project. Sometimes however, you would like to restrict one of the surveys in a project so that not all the assigned surveyors of the project will have the ability to see it. To do this, you need to switch to “non default assignments” for that survey:

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1. Right click the survey and select “Settings”:

2. From the settings screen, check the “non default assignments” option and click OK: 

3. The survey will now have a new “Surveyors” folder under it which allows you to add/remove surveyors for this project (note the difference from the first screen-shot on this guide) :

4. To interact with the survey assigned surveyors, you can right click the “Surveyors” folder or the surveyor under that folder and choose from the available options:

That's it!

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