How to Run CAPI to CAWI Surveys

This functionality is supported from Studio version 632 and Android/PC Surveyor version 576.

SurveyToGo now supports continuing a face-to-face/CAPI interview as an online/CAWI one. Interviews that started in CAPI can now be continued as an online survey to be completed by the surveyor/respondent after the face-to-face interview (screening etc.) has been completed. There are various scenarios where this functionality can become valuable such as performing respondents recruitment in a face-to-face manner (to increase response and engagement) then allowing the recruited respondent to self complete the interview.




With this functionality we added a mechanism where a unique CAWI link is automatically generated for every CAPI interview once it starts. The corresponding unique CAWI link can be accessed here:

  • During Review: Through the Operations Console under the CAWI tab, after completing and uploading the result:
  • By Scripting so during the intevriew: Through the survey script while running the interview using the CAWIInterviewURL property. This opens the ability to send the link to the respondent directly from the intevriew as it is done for example as an SMS based on a number that the respondent provided during the interview (there are also other options such as sending it via email etc. as can be seen in the associated sample).

The CAWI link becomes accessible after the result has been completed (Submit) and uploaded to the server. If the link is accessed before submission and upload, it will redirect to the CAPI Not Ready page.

Once submitted the CAPI interviews become visible in the Operations Console as complete interviews. Once the CAWI link is accessed by the respondent the interviews become incomplete but still visible and accessible in the Operations Console.


To view the progress of the interviews that are at their online/CAWI part you can access the progress report as described here:


Important Note:

You will need to structure your survey such that the CAPI section is only accessed during the face-to-face part and the online section only when run as CAWI. The IsPlatform property that can be consulted while scripting will provide the ability to know if the interview is run as CAPI or CAWI. This function can be reviewed here:

You can refer the following attached sample survey on how you build such a typical survey

To import it into your organization follow this:


That's It !

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