How To Import a Survey


This ‘How To’ will show you how to import a survey into your SurveyToGo Studio.

  • In order to export a survey you will need it’s ‘.srv’ file.
    After exporting the survey with the SurveyToGo Default Provider you will get the survey file (.srv extension)
  • Now you should click on the ‘Survey’ tab -> click ‘Import’:
  • Now choose the survey you wish to import:mceclip1.png
  • Now you should choose the folder location of the imported survey:
    *You will need to remember this location for the final step.

  • Then you will be prompt with the following message, click yes: 

Important note: Survey that originally had attachments and/or additional data lists assigned to it, will be imported without these attachments / data lists. In this case the attachments  / data lists will need to be added again to the survey, after it has been imported.


That’s it !


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