How To Setup an SMS Connector


SurveyToGo has integrated Studio with a cloud based SMS provider to allow sending web surveys using SurveyToGo Studio via SMS to a Respondent list (supported Studio Version 1.32.638 and up).

This guide will describe how to embed the SMS connector service. Click here to see how to design and send notifications.

Currently we have integrated the 'Twilio' SMS provider. Click here to learn more about this provider.

If you have any issues with your Twilio account, please contact Twilio Support through their Support Center.


Setting an SMS Connector 

  1. Navigate to the CAWI tab of your survey, select the Distribution sub-tab and click on 'SMS Connectors'
  2. In the following screen, click 'Add a new Connector' and choose the connector Type you would like to setup
    • Twilio- Fill out all the parameters and click 'OK'
      • Connector Name: Define a name to identify the connector
      • API Key: Your Twilio account's Auth Token (2)
      • Account SID: Your Twilio Account SID (1)
      • Phone number, SenderID: Your Twilio phone number or (3)
        Please Note:
        Your Twilio account information can be found from the main console page:
  3. Once the connector is setup choose 'Test Connector'. Enter a phone number and click 'Send Test SMS'

Troubleshooting -

1. SMS not sent - when sending a test connection and it doesn't seem to send:

  1. Check your phone number format. You must include '+' and the country code as well as the full phone number (no parentheses of hyphens)
  2. If using a trial Twilio account, check that the 'To' number is included in your Verified Caller IDs.
    • Please note: Depending on your country, you may not be enabled to receive Twilio verification codes. If you do not receive a verification code for your number, please contact Twilio support in order to verify your number manually.

That's It !

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