How To Create CAWI Respondent Links


There are several option available when creating online respondent links, in this article we'll elaborate on these options and when you should use each one. 

Online Video

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  • Navigate to the CAWI tab of the survey and click on 'Create Respondent Links' 
  • In the following screen you will find the following option for creating Respondent Links

Links Description  

  • Access-All Links - A single link that will be shared across all respondents - should be used when there is no need to follow up or have the identification of each respondent, click on 'Add Access-All Links' button and provide a name and mailing list where applicable and click on 'Add' to create the link.
    • Please Note:
      • Based on common practices All Access surveys should be short surveys that will not take more than a few minutes to complete.
      • Unlike the other links below All Access links can't be stopped and continued, therefore once the interview is disrupted it will deleted.
  • Anonymous Unique Links - The Anonymous Unique links should be used when working with Panel Companies where they have the participants data lists and they require either:
    • Generate Links - A certain amount of unique links for each respondent that will be sent to the panel company 
    • Dynamic Link - Generate 1 unique respondent link that will be used by the panel company and they will generate the unique links using their system
  • CAWI Participants Lists - Generate links to pre-defined participants list with additional information that can be used in the survey and is known in advanced and added to the project,click here to learn how
  • Manual Entry Links - Use this option to create manual links for specific email addresses, these will create a unique link for each email/Name added manually (click on Validate to make sure that the data added is valid).

That's It !

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  • Necesitamos como empresa que una persona que ya lleno la encuesta no vuelva a hacerlo pero nosotros solo publicamos un link en redes sociales para que la llenen, 100, 200, ....muchas personas pero que no la llenen 2 o mas veces.

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  • Necesito esa función igual, que solo se pueda realizar una vez en cada dispotivo.

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